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Anaphoras: The Book of
Divine Liturgies


Order of the Liturgy

Preparatory Order
Public Celebration
Kiss of Peace


St. James
St. Mark
St. Peter
Twelve Apostles
St. John
St. Xystus
St. Julius
St. John Chrysostom
St. Cyril
St. Jacob of Sarugh
St. Philoxenus
St. Severius
Mar Bar Salibi


Supplication to
    Virgin Mary
Consecration of
Purification of Altars
Blessing of Icons
For the Sick


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It is with majestic glory and unceasing thanksgiving to God the Father and Lord of all that we can state that from our earliest childhood we were brought up with a love for our holy Syrian Church and were taught her faith, heritage and rites. Moreover, we were immersed in the love of our Syriac language. Since that time, all that has extolled the Church has captured our earnest interest.

Ecclesiastical rites constitute a glorious part of the heritage of our Church as well as a precious treasury of our history and culture. For this reason, we have always been eager to publish these rites and make them available to all.

Ever since we were appointed to serve our faithful in North America, we have undertaken the task of translating our Church rites into English, perhaps the chief international language as well as the official tongue of this part of the world. It was our judgment that it would be quite appropriate and of great benefit to publish these translations together with the original Syriac, the language of our Lord. Thus, we have published the Holy Liturgy of St. James, the Brother of our Lord, the Solemnization of the Sacrament of Matrimony, the Sacrament of Baptism, the Burial of the Dead and the Book of Church Festivals. We have presented these volumes to both our own Syrian faithful as well as to scholars throughout the world who are interested in both our Syriac language and in the heritage of various traditions and denominations.

In this same series, we today present this Book of Holy Liturgies in both Syriac and English. The Holy Liturgy, as all know, is the consummation of our faith. The prayers and services of the Holy Eucharist are the fruit of divine inspiration placed in the hearts of our Godly forefathers. Therefore, it is important to make these Liturgies available to our faithful more than any other services. The Church cannot afford to neglect or alter this fact, especially since all the faithful are asked to participate in the Holy Liturgy in performance of their spiritual duties.

Now that we have, by the grace of God, achieved our goal in the publication of the present volume, we cannot forget to extend our prayer to God, asking Him to shower His heavenly blessings upon our beloved spiritual son Archdeacon Murad Saliba Barsom, who translated the Syriac texts concerned into English.

We hope that this book will be for the blessing of the readers, listeners and believers. We humbly request all our priests and deacons to remember us in their prayers. May endless glory be to God and may honor and respect be to our Church and heritage. Amen.

Lodi, New Jersey USA

Metropolitan Mar Athanasius Yeshue Samuel
Archbishop of America and Canada

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