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A Prayer Used in the Purification of The Altar

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A prayer for the purification of an altar that has been defiled by heathens or unbelievers.

Note: The celebrant must say this prayer whenever the service of the Holy Eucharist is celebrated in any place other than a church.

The prelate or the priest says the following prayer:
Glory be to the Father, to the Son and to the Holy Spirit.

O Lord God, Who are alone Holy, You sanctify the saints, and by Your Word and Providence the whole universe is sanctified.

Be pleased, O Merciful Lord, and grant this altar the grace of atonement that, again, it may be a fountain of absolution, and let not the vengeance and the hatred of the enemies prevail on it, but grant, O Lord, that this altar with all its holy offices be firmly established in holiness and grace.

O Lord, Who are Holy, cleanse it from the filth of the heathens and from the defilement of the unbelievers who may have defiled it. Make it pure and holy like the seven-fold tested gold, that we too, in the holiness of our souls, bodies and spirits, be worthy to offer You praise, thanksgiving and glory and to Your Father and to Your Living Holy Spirit, now and forever. Amen.

He makes the sign of the cross on the altar, without using chrism, and says:
May this altar be blessed, consecrated and purified from the heathens' pollution and from the unbelievers' defilement, from all ungodly abomination, corruption of sin and from all transgressive and defiling deeds:

In the Name of the Father +, amen; and of the Son +, amen; and of the living Holy Spirit + for the perfect holiness and full consecration. Amen.

The prelate or the priest goes to the western, northern and southern sides of the church and makes the sign of the Cross on each side, without chrism, saying the following prayer:
May this church be purified from all defilement, abomination, filth and from all ungodly and transgressive pollution. May it be blessed and renewed in the Name of the Father +, amen; and of the Son +, amen; and of the Holy Spirit + for the perfect renewal and full purification unto eternal life. Amen.

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