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Cuisine - Middle East


Though small in number, vibrant Syriac Orthodox communities are found all over the world today. In most cases, the cultural roots of these communities go back either to Mesopotamia (predominantly South East Turkey and regions around Mosul and Takrit in Iraq) or to the state of Kerala in southern India. Over the centuries, these cultures developed unique and rich cultural traditions, customs, and cuisines, much of which influenced by the practice of the Christian faith in the Syriac Orthodox Church.

Practice of spiritual life in the Syriac Orthodox Church is guided by the liturgical calendar of the Church. The church calendar determines the observance of the high holy days, feasts of Saints, memorial days of the fathers, fasts, etc. In addition, memorial days of the departed faithful are observed in their families. Many cultural traditions and customs are associated with these observances as also with the sacraments of baptism and matrimony, and rites such as funerals.

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