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The bibliography below is intended for a beginner and is not intended to be exhaustive.



  • Syriac Bible (United Bible Societies).
  • Sebastian Brock, The Bible in the Syriac Tradition (SEERI, India). [An excellent introduction.]
  • James Murdoch, The New Testament translated from the Peshitto Syriac. (Piscataway, NJ: Gorgias Press, 2001). ISBN 0-9715986-8-1.
  • George Lamsa, Holy Bible From the Ancient Eastern Text (Harper & Row) ISBN: 0060649232. [The only complete translation from the Syriac into English, but not a precise translation.] A better translation of is by J. Murdoch published in 1905 by John K. Hastings, Boston but out of print.]
  • J. Hamlyn Hill, The Earliest Life of Christ: The Diatessaron of Tatian. (Piscataway, NJ: Gorgias Press, 2001). ISBN 0-9713097-2-8.
  • Sydney Griffith, Faith Adoring the Mystery : Reading the Bible With St. Ephraem the Syrian (Pere Marquette Lecture in Theology, 1997), Marquette Univ. Press. ISBN: 0874625777. At &


  • Patriarch Ignatius Aphrem I Barsoum, The Spiritual Treasure on Canonical Prayer, Tarzi, (V. Rev.) Joseph (tr.), (Los Angeles, 2000).
  • Bryan Spinks, Worship Prayers from the East (The Pastoral Press, Washington D.C., 1993) ISBN: 1569290008.
  • Sebastian Brock, The Syriac Fathers on Prayer and the Spiritual Life (Cistercian Publications, 1987) ISBN: 0879079010.
  • Sebastian Brock, The Luminous Eye, the Spiritual World Vision of Saint Ephrem the Syrian (Cistercian Publications, 1992) ISBN: 0879075244.
  • Seely Beggiani, Introduction to Eastern Christian Spirituality, the Syriac tradition (University of Scranton Press, 1991) ISBN: 0940866129.
  • Seely Beggiani, Early Syriac Theology (University Press of America, 1983).
  • Sebastian Brock and Susan Harvey, Holy Women of the Syrian Orient, Transformation of the Classical Heritage, No 13, (University of California Press, 1998) ISBN: 0520213661.
  • Robert Murray, Symbols of Church and Kingdom, A Study in Early Syriac Tradition (Cambridge University Press, 1975) ISBN: 0521205530. [A scholarly work. Out of print, but available in major libraries.]


The following books are available from the Syriac Orthodox Archdiocese of the Eastern United States. They contain the Syriac text of the liturgies with English translations by late Archdeacon Murad Saliba Barsom and edited by the late H.E. Mor Athanasius Yeshue Samuel. Place orders with Archdiocesan Secretary, 260 Elm Ave, Teaneck, NJ 07661 (201) 801-0660 (Ph.) (201) 801-0663 (Fax)

  • Anaphora: The Divine Liturgy of Saint James (1967).
  • Anaphoras: The Book of the Divine Liturgies (1991) ISBN 0963143107.
  • Macdecdono: The Book of the Church Festivals (1984).
  • The Sacrament of Holy Baptism (1974).
  • The Order of Solemnization of the Sacrament of Matrimony (1974).
  • The Order of the Burial of the Dead (1974).
  • The Shorter Daily Prayer Book for the Faithful (1993).
  • Prayer Book for Various Occasions for the Use of the Clergy (1993).
  • Barsoum, Patriarch Ignatius Aphram I, Shorter Catechism of the Syrian Orthodox Church.

The following books are available from St. Mary's Church, Los Angeles

  • Rev. K. Mani Rajan, Queen of the Sacraments (St. Mary's Church, Los Angeles).
  • Rev. K. Mani Rajan, The Prayer Book (St. Mary's Church, Los Angeles).

Church History

  • Aziz Atiya, History of Eastern Christianity (University of Notre Dame Press, 1967) ISBN: 0527037036.
  • Sebastian Brock, "The Syriac Background." In Michael Lapidge (editor), Archbishop Theodore, Chapter 2 (Cambridge University Press, 1995), ISBN: 0521480779. [This book is a collection of chapters on Archbishop Theodore, the Syrian Archbishop of Canterbury (668-690). Brock's chapter is a brief, but excellent, introduction to Syriac Christianity.]
  • J.B. Segal, Edessa: The Blessed City. (Piscataway, NJ: Gorgias Press, 2001). ISBN 0-9713097-1-X.
  • J. C. England, The Hidden History of Christianity in Asia: the Churches of the East before 1500 (Delhi/HongKong: ISPCK/CCA, 1996).
  • H. Hollerweger, Turabdin (Linz, Austria: Friends of Turabdin, 1999). [Illustrated with over 400 color photographs from Tur `Abdin including ancient churches and monasteries. Hugoye 4:1 (January 2001) has a review of the book by Edip Aydin (now Dayroyo Awgen).]
  • Oswald H. Parry, Six Months in a Syrian Monastery. (Piscataway, NJ: Gorgias Press, 2001). ISBN 0-9715986-6-5.
  • William McCullough, A Short History of Syriac Christianity to the Rise of Islam (Scholar's Press, 1982) ISBN: 0891304541.
  • Samuel H. Moffett, A History of Christianity in Asia (Orbis Books, 1998) ISBN: 1570751625.
  • Bat Ye'or, The Decline of Eastern Christianity under Islam: from Jihad to Dhimmitude, 7th to 20th Century (Fairleigh Dickinson University Press, 1996) ISBN: 0-8386-3688-8.
  • William Dalrymple, From the Holy Mountain. A Journey Among the Christians of the Middle East; (Henry Holt and Company, 1998) ISBN: 0-8050-5873-7. Available from [Reporting on a trip he took in 1994, the author gives valuable information about the sad situation of the Syrian Orthodox Christians in Turkey, as well as reports on the Syrian Orthodox Christians in Syria and Palestine. Hugoye 2:2 (July 1999) has a review of the book by Prof. Susan Harvey of Brown University. Highly recommended!]
  • John Joseph, Muslim-Christian Relations and Inter-Christian Rivalries in the Middle East: The Case of Jacobites in an Age of Transition. (Albany, NY: State University Press of New York, 1983) ISBN 0-87395-611-7.
The Indian Church of St. Thomas
  • Edavazhickal M. Philip, The Indian Church of St. Thomas. (1908) (Cheeranchira, Kerala: Mor Adai Study Centre, 2002).
  • Kuriakose Corepiscopa Moolayil (ed.), Four Historic Documents. (Cheeranchira, Kerala: Mor Adai Study Centre, 2002). [This includes The Syrian Christians in India (an account of the visit by Rev. Dr. Claudius Buchanan of the Church of England to Malankara in 1806-07 published in Christian Researches in Asia, Cadell and Davies, 1814), The Ancient Syrian Church in Mesopotamia and Extracts from the Letters and Reports of Mr. O.H. Parry, Syrian Patriarchate Education Society, 1892, Were the Syrian Christians Nestorians? by Rev Dn. P.T. Geevarghese (later Archbishop Geevarghese Mar Ivanios, founder of Malankara Syrian Catholic Church) and Christians in Malabar: a Conspectus from AD 52 to AD 1943 by Justice K.K. Lukose].
  • George Menachery (Ed.), Indian Church History Classics

Syriac Literature

  • Patriarch Ignatius Aphram I Barsoum, The History of Syriac Literature and Sciences. tr. Matti Mousa. (Pueblo, CO: Passeggiata Press, 2000).
  • William Wright, A Short History of Syriac Literature. (Piscataway, NJ: Gorgias Press, 2001). ISBN 0-9713097-5-2.
  • Sebastian Brock, St. Ephrem the Syrian, Hymns on Paradise (St. Vladimir Seminary Press, 1997) ISBN: 0881410764.
  • Sebastian Brock, The Wisdom of Saint Isaac the Syrian (Fairacres Publications 128; Oxford, 1997).
  • Kathleen McVey, Ephrem the Syrian: Hymns (Paulist Press, 1989) ISBN: 0809104296.
  • Edward Mathews and Joseph Amar, St. Ephrem the Syrian, Selected Prose Works (The Catholic University of America Press, 1994) ISBN: 0813200911.
  • [D. Miller], The Ascetical Homilies of Saint Isaac the Syrian (Holy Transfiguration Monastery, Boston, 1984).


  • J. Healey, First Studies in Syriac (Sheffield Academic Press) ISBN 0704403900.
  • George Kiraz, The Syriac Primer (Sheffield Academic Press, 1989) ISBN: 1850751994 (Out of Print).
  • George Kiraz, Lexical Tools to the Syriac New Testament (Sheffield Academic Press, 1994) ISBN: 1850754705.
  • Takamitsu Muraoka, Classical Syriac: a Basic Grammar (Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz, 1997).
  • Wheeler Thackston, Introduction to Syriac (Bethesda, MD: IBEX Publishers, 1999).
  • Theodore H. Robinson, Paradigms and Exercises in Syriac Grammar (Oxford University Press, 1978) ISBN: 019815416X [A more advanced book.]
  • J. Payne Smith, A Compendious Syriac Dictionary (Oxford University Press) ISBN: 0198643071.


Educational Material

Publishers of Syriac Books

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  • E.J. Brill
    Plantiunstraat 2, P.O. Box 9000, 2300 PA Leiden, The Netherlands.
  • Gorgias Press
    46 Orris Ave., Piscataway, NJ 08854
  • Mor Adai Study Centre
    Cheeranchira, Changanacherry
    Kerala, India 686 106
    Ph: 91-481-724353; email:
  • Merging Currents
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  • Peeters
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    Baker Hill, Kottayam-686 001, Kerala, India.
  • The Way International
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