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Suloqo - Ascension

Ascension falls on the Thursday of the fifth Sunday after Easter Sunday. At the conclusion of the Quqalyon of the Blessed Virgin during the celebration of the Holy Qurbono, the clergy and the deacons descend from the sanctuary to the chancel. The priest takes the cross from the stand where it has been since Easter Sunday. He carries it in his hand in a procession that starts from the northern door of the sanctuary and ends at the southern door. During the procession, the following hymn is sung:

The Cross is the sign of peace; the Cross is the banner of victory.
We take pride in the Cross by which we are redeemed.

Your Cross, our Lord, is a pillar that carries earth and heaven.
The martyrs, like gems tried in fire, are affixed to it.

The Cross reigned over heaven; the Cross reigned over the earth.
May the Cross be a protecting wall to the churches and the monasteries.

After readings from the Epistle of Saint Paul (Ephesians 4:1-16) and the Gospels (Luke 24:45-53), the Order of Zuyoho takes place.

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