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Christian pluralism in the US: the Indian immigrant experience
Raymond Williams
Wabash College, Indiana

Recent immigrant Christians from India are changing the face of American Christianity. They introduce ancient Catholic oriental rites, St. Thomas Orthodoxy, the fruits of modern Protestant missions, and the outpouring of Pentecostal revivals. The book is the first comprehensive study of these Christians, their churches, and their adaptation.

Professor Williams describes migration patterns since 1965 and the growth of Indian Christian churches in the United States. The role of Christian nurses in creating immigration opportunities for their families affects gender relations, transition of generations, interpretations of migration, Indian Christian family values, and types of leadership.

Contemporary mobility and rapid communication create new transnational religious groups. Williams reveals some of the reverse effects on churches and institutions in India. He notes some successes and failures of mediating institutions in the United States--seminaries, denominational judicatories, ecumenical agencies, and interfaith organizations--in responding to new forms of Christianity brought by immigrants.

Chapter titles of the book are:

  1. Road to America
  2. Christian stories about India
  3. Becoming what you are: St. Thomas Christians from Kerala
  4. Becoming what you are: Catholics and Protestants from India
  5. Wilderness, exile or promised land: experience and interpretations of migration
  6. Going home: bridges to India
  7. Adding rooms to the house
  8. Conclusion: immigration and the many faces of Christ

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