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Guide to the Eight Modes

The modal cycle consists of eight weeks. Each Sunday or Feast day is assigned one of the 8 modes.

During the weekly offices, known in Syriac by the name Shhimo, the 1st and 5th modes are paired together, so are the 2nd and 6th, 3rd and 7th, and 4 and 8th. If a particular Sunday makes use of the 1st mode, the following Monday is sung with the 5th mode, Tuesday with the 1st mode, with the pair alternating every day.

The following tables lists the modes used on each Sunday, feast days and special occasions:

Sunday Cycles

Sunday (Syriac) Sunday (Transliteration) Sunday (English) Su

First Cycle:

Qudosh `Idto Consecration of the Church 1 5 First Sunday of Nov, if Nov 1 is on a We, Th, Fr, Sa or Su; otherwise, on last Sunday of Oct.
Hudoth `Idto Dedication of the Church 2 6  
Suboreh Dazkharyo Annunciation of Zacharias 3 7  
Suboreh Dabthulto Annunciation of the Virgin 4 8  
Mezalto Mary's Visitation to Elizabeth 5 1  
Mawlodeh d-Yuhanon Nativity of John 6 2  
Gelyono d-Yawseph Revelation of Joseph 7 3  
Qdom Yaldo Sunday before Christmas 8 4  

Christmas Period:

1 Bothar Yaldo 1st Sunday after Christmas 1 5 If Christmas falls on a Sunday, then 2nd mode.
2 Bothar Yaldo 2nd Sunday after Christmas 2 6 Skip if Sunday does not occur.

Second Cycle:

1 Bothar Denho 1st Sunday after Epiphany 1 5  
2 Bothar Denho 2nd Sunday after Epiphany 2 6  
3 Bothar Denho 3rd Sunday after Epiphany 3 7  
4 Bothar Denho 4th Sunday after Epiphany 4 8  
5 Bothar Denho 5th Sunday after Epiphany 5 1  
6 Bothar Denho 6th Sunday after Epiphany 6 2  
Kohne Of Priests 7 3  
`Anide Of the Departed 8 4  

Third Cycle:

Qotne Cana of Galilee 1 5 Beginning of Lent
2 Dsawmo 2nd Sunday of Lent 2 6  
3 Dsawmo 3rd Sunday of Lent 3 7  
4 Dsawmo 4th Sunday of Lent 4 8  
5 Dsawmo 5th Sunday of Lent 5 1  
6 Dsawmo 6th Sunday of Lent 6 2  
Usha`ne Palm Sunday 7 _ 7th on Su, Hasho tunes on remaining days
Qyomto Resurrection 8 _ 8th on Su evening and 1st night qawmo; see next cycle for remaining qawme.

Fourth Cycle:

Qyomto Resurrection 1 _ 1st mode on 2nd night qawmo and after
Tren-bshabo dhewore Monday of Easter Week _ 2  
Tloth-bshabo dhewore Tuesday of Easter Week 3 _  
Arb`o-bshabo dhewore Wednesday of Easter Week _ 4  
Hamsho-bshabo dhewore Thursday of Easter Week 5 _  
`Rubto dmawdyone Friday of Easter Week _ 6  
Shabtho dhewore Saturday of Easter Week 7 _  
Hadto New Sunday 8 _ 8th on Su evening and 1st night qawmo

Fifth Cycle:

Had b-shabo hadto New Sunday 1 5 1st mode on Su's 2nd night qawmo and after
2 Dbothar Qyomto 2nd Sunday after Easter 2 6  
3 Dbothar Qyomto 3rd Sunday after Easter 3 7  
4 Dbothar Qyomto 4th Sunday after Easter 4 8  
5 Dbothar Qyomto (Suloqo) Ascension 5 1  
6 Dbothar Qyomto 6th Sunday after Easter 6 2  
Pentiqosti Pentecost 7 3  
8 Dbothar Qyomto 8th Sunday after Easter 8 4  

Sixth Cycle:

_ 9 Dbothar Qyomto 9th Sunday after Easter 1 5 This is the middle cycle (mes`oye) after Easter

Seventh Cycle:

_ x Dbothar Qyomto xth Sunday after Easter 1 5 This is the last cycle (hroye, or gawonoye) after Easter

Feasts of Our Lord and the Virgin Cycle

Date Feast (Syriac) Feast (Transliteration) Feast (English) Mode
Dec 25 Yaldo Christmas 1
Jan 6 Denho Epiphany 2
Feb 2 Ma`altho Entrance to the Temple 3
Mar 25 Suboro Annunciation 4
_ Suloqo Ascension 5
Aug 6 Mtale Feast of Booths 6
Aug 15 Shunoyo Assumption 7
Sep 14 Slibo The Cross 8

Other Holidays

Date Feast (Syriac) Feast (English) Mode  
Dec 26 Nusrotho Lullabies (Glorification of Mary) 1
Dec 27 Qetlo Dyalude Martyrdom of the Children 8
Jan 1 Gzurto Circumcision 8
Jan 7 Phsoq Risheh d-Yuhanon Beheading of John 8
Jan 8 Estephanos Stephen 8
Jun 29 Petros w-Pawlos Peter and Paul 5


Occasion (Syriac) Occasion (Transliteration) Occasion (English) Mode Notes
Dabthulto Feasts of the Virgin 1  
Dqadishe Feasts of Saints 8  
Dkohne Dashkheb Departed Priests 7  
Mhaymne Dashkheb Faithful Departed 8  
`Modo Baptism 2 Does not apply to all hymns
Burokh `Ezqotho Blessing of Rings 3 i.e., first order of marriage
Burokh Klile Blessing of Crowns 7 i.e., second order of marriage
`Uphoyo Dkohne Burial of Priests 1-8 For the 8 orders, respectively
`Uphoyo Dgabre Wneshe Burial of Men and Women 5,6,7,8 For the 4 orders, respectively
`Uphoyo Datloye Burial of Children 1,2,3,8 For the 4 orders, respectively
Meshho Unction 6  
Burokh Bayto Blessing of a house 1 Does not apply to all hymns
Qandilo Candle 1-5 For the 5 orders, respectively

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