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Mor Gregorius `Abd al-Jalil
Archbishop of Jerusalem

Tomb of Mor Gregorius at St. Thomas Church, N. Parur
Source: Photograph, dt. March 8, 1998

Mor Gregorios `Abd al-Jaleel was born in Mosul, Iraq. He was at first the Metropolitan of Diyarbakr and thereafter was transferred to Jerusalem. He was later sent to India by the then Patriarch of Antioch `Abded Mshiho the First in response to the request of the Church in Malankara. Following the koonen kurishu satyam (Leaning Cross Oath) on January 3, 1653, where the faithful of Malankara repudiated the Roman yoke, their leader Arkdakyon Thoma entreated to the Patriarch of Antioch to send a bishop to provide spiritual leadership to the Church which was being persecuted by Roman missionaries and by some local rulers. With love and patience and through peaceful means Mor Gregorios taught the people the true Apostolic Faith facing threats, even to his life. By his prayers and piety he gained souls for our Lord Jesus Christ. Mor Gregorios also consecrated two Bishops for the Church in Malankara. His last days were spent at the St. Thomas Syrian Orthodox Church of North Paravur in the Diocese of Ankamaly. He entered his heavenly abode on April 27, 1681 and was entombed at that Church.

H.H. Patriarch Mor Ignatius Zakka I declared Mor Gregorius a during his second apostolic visit to Malankara on April 9, 2000. During his third apostolic visit to Malankara in September 2004, the Patriarch permitted the addition of the name of Mor Gregorius to the fifth diptych exclusively at the North Parur church where the remains of the saint are interred.


Encyclical from HH Patriarch Zakka I dt. April 9, 2000.

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