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Mor Koorilos Yuyakim (1818-1874)
Reesh Episcopa of Malankara

Mor Koorilos Yuyakkim was born in a village near Tur-abdin, in the year 1818, in the Amir d-gadani family. His home parish was in Hbob. His father was Malkibar Israel and he had five brothers named Elyo, Israel, Mordechai, Skaryo, and Gabriel and two sisters Satta and Hedna.

Mor Koorilos was ordained in 1845 by Patriarch Ignatius Elias II, and was appointed as the secretary to HH. At this time, the church in Malankara had fallen into turmoil due to the trouble created by Anglican missionaries and by Palakunnath Mar Athanasios. HG Mor Divanasios of Chepaud, who was the then Malankara Metropolitan found it difficult to counter the influence of the Protestants and contacted Patriarch Elias II at Mardin for help. In 1846, at the age of 28, Mor Koorilos was sent to Malankara with the title "Reesh Episcopa" (Chief Episcopus) of Malankara to nurture the true faith which he engaged in though suffering much trouble and humiliation. He was deported from the states of Travancore and Cochin, and was forced to live for many years in Fort Cochin which was then part of British India. The Church in Fort Cochin was built by Mor Koorilos "to be used by the Delegates from the Holy See."

In 1865, Mor Koorilos ordained a teenager, named Gewargis from the Chathuruthil family of the Mulanthuruthy Mar Thoman Church, as deacon and later as a priest and Chor Episcopus. He was later consecrated bishop by Patriarch Ignatius Peter IV and is today the lone saint from Malankara.

Mor Koorilos was well versed in Malayalam and translated the liturgy into Malayalam. 2000 copies of this translation was printed in a press in Calicut and distributed to the churches for use. Mor Koorilos was also a physician and used to treat people of their ailments. He is even said to have performed minor surgeries.

Even though He traveled the length and breadth of Malankara, Mor Koorilos used to reside mostly in Mulanthuruthy Church, Kuruppumpady Church and Kattapuram Church. Towards the end of his life, he took residence at the Mulanthuruthy church which he decided was to be his final resting place.

On Sept 2nd, 1874, around midnight Mor Koorilos bathed himself, wore his robes, entered the church and lied down. He recited the creed thrice on his own and entered into eternal rest. He had resided in Malankara and served the Church there selflessly for half his life-time, guiding it in a period of much turmoil.

His memorial feast is celebrated in the Mulanthuruthy Mar Thoman Church every year on Sept 2nd. Thousands of people irrespective of religion take part in the feast.

One of the brothers of Mor Koorilos, Israel, had accompanied him from Tur `Abdin. He married a girl from the Chalakuzhi family of Tiruvalla and settled in Malankara.


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  • Inscription by Mor Koorilos on the Fort Cochin Church.
  • Souvenir on Mor Koorilos published by the Mulanthuruthy Church.
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