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Ushané - Palm Sunday

Source: The Entrance of Christ into the Jerusalem Temple depicted in a Syriac ms.

Observed the Sunday prior to Easter Day, Palm Sunday commemorates Christ's entrance to Jerusalem riding a colt (Mark 11). The service commences with a procession in the church with the clergy, dressed in their vestments, carrying olive and palm branches. Following the procession, a special service for the Blessing of the Branches is held. The following are excerpts from the hymns sung during the procession.

Excerpts from the Palm Sunday Procession Hymns

Qolo: Tubo Lyalude


Blessed are the children who were worthy to see Christ
When he entered Jerusalem, riding a borrowed stripped colt.
The children cried in front of him, "Hosanna in the High,
Hosanna to the Son of David.
Blessed is he Who came in the Name of the Lord."

Note: The "stripped" colt is a reference to the modesty of Christ, for he did not enter like a king on a decorated horse, and instead came on a barren colt.

Bocootho (Petition) of Mor Ya`qub


"Qadish Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord," cried the infants;
"Holy is the Lord, Who rode on a colt and entered Jerusalem."

Sing to Him, Sing to Him, Sing praises to the Son of God.
He Created you for His praise; Why are you then not praising Him?

The Prophets before Him and the Apostles after Him;
The infants and the children magnified Him with "Hosanna.


Ma`de`dono: The Book of the Church Festivals (1984).

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